The book I’ve poured my heart into, Greed & Jealousy,  is coming out August 10th. G&J is the story that plagued me in my sleep and wouldn’t let up until I finally started putting pencil to yellow legal pad.  I wrote this book for myself, but I hope you love it as much as I do.



The grass is greener on the other side…

Tova Hudson is getting by—just barely. With a crumbling marriage, all she longs for is her husband to make an effort—one small, simple gesture. When she meets Neil Hamilton, a strong, demanding, private investigator, she’s appalled at the pull she has for him.  After all, she’s a married woman—even though it’s far from the fairytale she always dreamed of. Luckily, Neil has no interest in a woman who belongs to someone else.

But when peril sets in and Tova’s life is jeopardized, her husband’s abse13632743_10153517583135683_125929436_o.pngnce endangers her even more. This time, greed and envy just might be the deadliest sins of all. It’s up to Neil to protect the one woman he can’t have—or shouldn’t have. But somebody won’t stop until Tova is silenced. Can Neil find a way to save Tova while protecting his heart too?

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It started with 50 Shades of Grey

I’ve been asked recently if I’d always wanted to write a book.

The simple answer is no. The long answer is a vast series of sleep-deprived, cartoon-crazed events and it all starts with E.L. James and a little story called 50 Shades of Grey.
When my son, who I’ll refer to as Salty, was a baby he drank copious amounts of milk. I was constantly giving him a bottle. Hence, I was in a chair staring into oblivion, like a good mom. My five-year-old daughter, Sweetie, liked to watch cartoons while I feed the hungry bear.
I’m sure this is no revelation to any parent out there, but if I had to listen to another episode of Yo Gabba Gabba or those sickeningly, adorable Backyardigans I was gonna stick erasers in my ears, damn the consequences.

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Coffee House Brawls & Writer Revelations

For the third time, I saw the same woman park in the parking space for the handicapped at my usual Starbucks. About 30, she had no visible physical ailments and no designation on her car.

The first time I told her she needed to move her car, she responded by saying she didn’t. I continued to argue and pointed to the white outline she drove over. Finally, she said there was nowhere else to park. I told her she was ridiculous, especially since I got a space 50 feet from the door. The second time I saw her leaving, I watched, unable to catch her in time to say anything.

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About Tina

About Tina

After a successful twenty-four-year career as a business owner, Tina Ellery, is now an Indie author. She’s writing the type of romantic fiction she wants to read.VERTICAL A little mysterious and a lot sexy.

Ellery lives in Minneapolis, MN with her husband and two children. She’ll tell you her writing started because of her son, Salty, and her daughter, Sweetie, and one too many cartons.

When she’s not clicking on the keys, she’s holding some caffeinated beverage. She’s a freelancer with her hoard of recipes and in her free time a jewelry designer.

Writing became her obsession in 2013 when she filled six yellow legal pads and decided to “type the darn thing up.” Be careful when talking to her, though, she’s bound to find you interesting, and you could end up as material, or one of the characters in her next book.

White Pine

White Pine, my short story, is out on Amazon.


White Pine – A Short Story

After 29-year-old Claire Kelley gets the ax at her job, she heads into the remote forest of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness for a vacation. Claire decided stability and a high paying career were for her, but as much as the workaholic tried to change, there are some things she simply can’t alter—like the longing for the place she once called home.

Claire’s adventure carries her back to Grand Marais, Minnesota, where she grew up, experienced small town life, and got a taste of the outdoors, including her first solo, traversing the BWCAW. Claire thought she could set aside the call of the wild, but when she sets foot on her old campsite, she finds Scott.

Far from the spindly boy she once played dodge ball with, the buff forest ranger can’t seem to stay away. The chance encounter leads to more as Scott encourages Claire to go after what she wants. But is her old friend just a distraction, or the biggest challenge of all?