White Pine

White Pine, my short story, is out on Amazon.


White Pine – A Short Story

After 29-year-old Claire Kelley gets the ax at her job, she heads into the remote forest of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness for a vacation. Claire decided stability and a high paying career were for her, but as much as the workaholic tried to change, there are some things she simply can’t alter—like the longing for the place she once called home.

Claire’s adventure carries her back to Grand Marais, Minnesota, where she grew up, experienced small town life, and got a taste of the outdoors, including her first solo, traversing the BWCAW. Claire thought she could set aside the call of the wild, but when she sets foot on her old campsite, she finds Scott.

Far from the spindly boy she once played dodge ball with, the buff forest ranger can’t seem to stay away. The chance encounter leads to more as Scott encourages Claire to go after what she wants. But is her old friend just a distraction, or the biggest challenge of all?


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