So, this is the spot I’m putting my “Random” stuff. And what I’m going to post here, right now, is not random at all. It’s a thank you and a shout out to some very awesome people who helped get Greed and Jealousy, and me, ready for publication.

Editors: EJ Runyon, Jami Nord (who read a few pages a long time ago), RA Watson, and Sherri Hildebrandt. All I have to say is Thank GOD for editors!

Mitch Hildman thanks for taking my picture, or like a hundred of them.

Thanks, Hang Le (by Hang Le) for making a beautiful cover and for dealing with me and all of my tweaks. http://www.byhangle.com

Thanks, Jade at The Write Assistants (http://www.thewriteassistants.com) for all the hard work you did on my print and ebook. AND she lives in MN. How cool!

Allison Wyss (I took a class from her at The Loft) Thank you for giving me my first real critique and not making me cry!